Hank Rearden's Court Defense Sums it Up

By rightvoice
Written October 17, 2012
This movie is so on point with what is happening in today's society. Hank's speech needs to be made into a commercial as a wake-up call to all citizen's of this ever declining Republic. The best part...the liberal critics are panning it so it must have hit its mark.
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Pure Propaganda

By herbertcastillo
Written December 18, 2014
This movie is trying to demonize people whose believes are different from others. The dialogues are pretty simple and clearly trying to accomplish the objective of the movie. I knew what the movie was about by reading its description but I wanted to have my firm opinion after watching it, I have to admit that staying the whole movie was painful. I believe people have the right to disagree but not to demonize others in order to prove a point and that is exactly what this movie is trying to do.
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The assumption it's one vs the other?

By nreilly-
Written October 13, 2012
For those that think this movie says one of the two parties is better than the other really need to look carefully. This isn't anti-republican, or anti-democrat.
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Liked it very much

By jude536
Written October 13, 2012
I like it even better than the first one. They were able to present Rand's long speeches with a few important lines. There were some exciting special effects. Esai Morales makes a good Francisco D'Anconia. It seemed very relevant to today.
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Who is John Galt?

By Pitcairnia
Written October 14, 2012
The long awaited Part II of Atlas Shrugged does not disappoint the true believer. The cast changed, which could have been weird, but surprisingly didn't detract from the film. In the long run it will tarnish the continuity of the trilogy. Will the cast change yet again for Part III? Part I had slightly better production values but Part II has much more plot as we see a quickening of the incremental progressive destruction of the country. Things are a lot less comfortable for society in Part II and the government continues to make ever expanding grabs of power (sound familiar?). Every Ayn Rand fan will see and enjoy this film.
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