Who is John Galt?

By Pitcairnia
Written October 14, 2012
The long awaited Part II of Atlas Shrugged does not disappoint the true believer. The cast changed, which could have been weird, but surprisingly didn't detract from the film. In the long run it will tarnish the continuity of the trilogy. Will the cast change yet again for Part III? Part I had slightly better production values but Part II has much more plot as we see a quickening of the incremental progressive destruction of the country. Things are a lot less comfortable for society in Part II and the government continues to make ever expanding grabs of power (sound familiar?). Every Ayn Rand fan will see and enjoy this film.
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ATLAS Shrugged Part 2 - - Gotta Go!

Written October 13, 2012
What a GREAT movie!! We loved Atlas Shrugged Part 2!!!! It is excellent; the kind of movie that you are sorry to see end – wanted to watch more!! The actors did a great job, the special effects are realistic, and it so reflects what is currently going on in our society. A must see!! We will buy the DVD when it becomes available. Looking forward to Part 3. Thank you FANDANGO for making the movie going process so easy!
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Atlas Shrugged II

By RuthdInnc
Written May 06, 2016
Sometimes, parts 2 or 3 of anything can leave you just wanting to see the original again and not bother with its sequel. Atlas Shrugged II however, does not fall into that category. Although changes in the original actors were evident, you quickly accepted these new persons fulfilling the character parts in true fashion and with conviction. It doesn't take long at all to accept the new Hank and Dagney! Part 2 lived up to the book in every fashion and left me with egarness to see the final chapter. Who is John Galt? He's each of us who loves freedom. He's each of us who wear a uniform to defend our country. He's each of us who question authority and stick by the rules when the rules make real sense. He is and should always be those of us who will do all within our power to make sure that America stays the "shining city on a hill" that most people in the world look up to. He is us! Stand up for the America that Ayn Rand embraced and loved and wrote her warning book about.
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Atlas Shrugged

By peterswg
Written September 02, 2014
Great movie especially for us Capitalists.......As in the previous generations, what the US Government needs to do today is provide some help for the businesses in the United States and then "get out of the way" as the people running those companies will make them great taking the economy up to new heights! Capitalist Pig
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Must Go !!

By dropsoflife2
Written October 13, 2012
Definitely defines a possible scenerio for today in the USA..We must avoid this at all costs and turn our economy around NOW !!I thought the plot was EXCELLENT and the acting..so so. It does keep you totally involved...See it now and write your own review !!
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