Atlas Shrugged Part II

By codygrantguerra
Written May 06, 2015
At first I was upset with all new actors. However, after getting to know the new actors, some of them did a better job playing their characters than the previous movie. I really miss Dagny though. I really enjoyed the story and can only say if you are a Ayn Rand fan, then you NEED to see this. I am going to see part 2 again this weekend and cannot wait for the third installment. WHO IS JOHN GALT?
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Enjoyable Atlas

By movielib
Written July 06, 2015
A good adaption of part 2 of Atlas Shrugged, greatly improved over part 1. Although the first half was too talky, the second half of Part 2 had excellent action and excitement. Fans of Atlas should be happy, and others should find it enjoyable. Part 2 is not without flaws -- too much talking heads in the first half, and missed opportunities to show the depradations of government upon ordinary people. Nevertheless a good film.
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A big step forward

By Mark1943
Written July 01, 2015
Atlas Shrugged Part II removed a lot of the problems of Part I. They've smoothed out the somewhat choppy editing of Part I. The story comes through sharp and clear, now. Critics claimed in Part I that everything happened at one cocktail part after another. That was never true, but there's almost none of that now. What appears in Part II is a strong story that supports the producers and not the consumers, the innovators not the parasites. The essence of the novel shines through. I think they got it right this time, and Part III should be very strong as long as they don't try to show Galt's 100-page speech. I didn't have any problem with a different actress playing Dagny. Samantha Mathis does very well, and Esai Morales is very compelling as Francisco D'Anconia. This is definitely worth seeing.
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Everybody should see this movie

By cris662
Written May 05, 2015
It's unusual these days to see a movie and spend hours afterwards talking about something besides which characters you liked best (though there are some good ones). Not for those seeking a pure and simple adrenaline rush (though there are some hair-raising scenes), but rather a fresh look at the world around us. The ideas presented in this movie should not be ignored. Love it or hate it, the idea that the people in power will use their position to loot the productive base of civilization cannot be ignored. If you agree, this movie will strengthen your spirits. If you disagree, you will appreciate an opposing viewpoint that is stated with the utmost clarity in the screen version of a book that has captured the hearts of millions.
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Atlas Shrugged II ...A terrific Movie

By drjon4u2
Written October 13, 2012
Great adaptation with excellent story telling. Although it took a minute to get accustomed to the new actors, the flow between the first part and this one is seamless and I was in for a great ride. Even the cameos are wonderful and Teller SPEAKS! Part two begins and ends on a high note and now I'm looking forward to part three. The adaptation of this movie to the book is without any deviation and the photography is sharp and clear. For a very complex book to be made into a movie and to keep it intact is very very difficult and this movie does it all, perfectly. A+++++
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