If We As a Nation Fall It Will Come From Within

By frankdamb
Written July 23, 2016
Ayn Rand's master piece brought to life. For liberty to flourish people must be the master of their own lives and government the servant. Freedom is the tide that floats all boats.
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Scariest film of the year!

By sharipierre
Written June 29, 2016
Rising gas pricing, increased government control, liberty taken, hell on Earth! This film was very well directed and a great continuation to one of the greatest fiction novels of all time. It raises a lot of "what if" questions, but also opens up the viewers eyes to scenarios that may seem unbelievable by the naive. The main characters are strong, and you can't help but admire and dislike them. Good direction, good acting, good story, good film. This is a must see for 2012.
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entertaining and interesting

By movingmovies
Written March 24, 2017
this is a movie you won't want to miss as we go through this election cycle. It is interesting, has great actors and moves quickly. Be sure to see it.
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Great movie; it should be a required watch for every voting citizen!

By nareitz
Written June 26, 2016
While there were several deviations from the book, the movie was awesome. It's stunning similarities to our current fiscal situation are uncanny. It is if Ayn Rand could see the future and predict it with incredible accuracy. My biggest complaint is that the cast differs from the first part of this trilogy. Although, I must say that the character they chose for Dagny was far more appropriate in terms of physical appearance. The Dagny character in part one was more attractive than Ayn Rand's described. My second complaint is that the control room within Taggart Transcontinental was completely different than Part I. Continuity between parts will be lessened due to changes like this. I really loved their inclusion of the occupy movement's spurious claim to be the 99%, and the inclusion of Sean Hannity. As with Part I, I look forward to buying multiple copies of the DVD when it is released in hopes of influencing the decision to make Part III.
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A Must-See Movie for All Americans

By stevandittmer
Written May 24, 2017
Film was a great continuation. Story was very entertaining -- did not overdo the overt messages but they were there through the movie's first half. As the government oppression on business got more stringent, the reaction from key characters became more blunt, as would be expected. It is just hard for us -- used to the liberty and freedom we take for granted -- to really grasp that kind of society, even when laid out for us in a movie. Much of the populace responded, understood their plight but was it too late? I would like to have seen a little more interaction with average people in that society, rather than just demonstrations in the street. Miss the original actors in key roles but the ones this time around are talented and engaging. Wish Part III was coming next week. Wonder how much more fertile the ground is amongst the public this time, after another year of this administration and Congress, and how it might affect the election. Is the light dawning in enough minds?
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