Absolutely Brilliant

By alishagyt
Written April 16, 2011
Atlas Shrugged is a great rendition of Ayn Rand's classic. Although it's a bit condensed, the main concepts still shine through, prompting you to question your own ideas and values. However, this movie would best be enjoyed if you believe in earning money for yourself and if you value individualism, not collectivism or the "greater good"; in other words, if you're a liberal, you WILL NOT enjoy this movie. Those of you who have already read the novel will be pleased by how closely the film and characters follow the book. For those who have never read any of Rand's works, it'd be best to bring along someone who has so they can fill you in on any questions about the storyline or concepts. Lastly, this movie is coming at a great time. Taxes are rising. Gas prices are rising. And those who sustain the country are being condemned. This movie is to be an inspiration for those who wish to live life for their own sake. It's time for a revolution. Atlas. Will. Shrug.
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Dagney et all!

By SueinTexas
Written April 15, 2011
This was a very good adaptation of the book. I loved Dagney and Rearden in the film, perfect casting! Can't wait for part 2.
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By whoaholly
Written April 16, 2011
A very good condensed adaptation of the book. Surprisingly well cast by some virtual unknown actors that did a great job with most a good fit to their parts . I recommend this movie & hope the public demands to have it shown in their local theaters. But then I have been a long time fan of the book - still, there is something to be learned here by those who don't see the direction this country is heading in. Superb timing for the movie!!! Can't wait for part 2!!
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Yeah! The movie is in our backyard!

By christir
Written April 16, 2011
We are taking our whole office and then some, after all our company name is John Galt Insurance :) We are hoping to spread the objectivist virus! We saw the movie, and it was great!
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Atlas Shrugged

By Larry_Contrary
Written April 17, 2011
Quite simply the BEST new effort to appear on the silver screen since the original Star Wars in 1977!! George Lucas, eat your heart out... Unfortunately only "Part 1" of three parts but public reception has been so outstanding that there is little doubt the remaining two parts will be made and released ASAP. The screenplay is very faithful to Rand's 1957 novel (on a par with Peter Jackson's LOTR) illustrating the never-ending war between the "looters" and "producers" in human society. She foresaw our present condition simply because it was developing at such a fast rate when she wrote the book and only individual choices of freedom and self-reliance over dependency on the nanny-state held off the death-throes of collapse until relatively recently. This makes the story VERY timely as the US struggles with whether parasitism of the looters or individual initiative & self-reliance will dominate and lead our culture. Highly recommended for thinking people of all ages, teenage to senior!!
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