Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 Synopsis
A powerful railroad executive struggles to keep her business alive while society is crumbling around her.
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New York Post

By Kyle Smith
Though a bit stiff in the joints and acted by an undistinguished cast amid TV-movie trappings, this low-budget adaptation of Ayn Rand's...
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Mick LaSalle
The story, a dystopian tale with heroes and villains and lots of triumphs and reversals, is so busy and so inherently interesting that the...
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Philadelphia Inquirer

By Carrie Rickey
Speechy and preachy and just a teeny-weeny bit naughty.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Todd McCarthy
The central battle between fearsomely independent corporate mavericks and hostile big government has been updated in a half-baked,...
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Washington Post

Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 is nearly as stilted, didactic and simplistic as Rand's free-market fable.
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Boston Globe

By Loren King
With a plot devoid of suspense and characters without complexity, Rand's iconic line elicits merely a yawn, or a shrug.
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Orlando Sentinel

By Roger Moore
It's not a bad looking movie, with Deco design touches that remind me of the earlier Rand film adaptation, "The Fountainhead." But the...
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Roger Ebert
Now I am faced with this movie, the most anticlimactic non-event since Geraldo Rivera broke into Al Capone's vault.
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Wall Street Journal

By Joe Morgenstern
I wanted to give this movie a fair shake, though I can't pretend to be an admirer of Ayn Rand's writing. But the movie, the first...
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Rolling Stone

By Peter Travers
Who's the idiot responsible for this fiasco? You can't blame the Tea Party, an organization of 9 million that the film's producers are...
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Absolutely Brilliant

By alishagyt
Atlas Shrugged is a great rendition of Ayn Rand's classic. Although it's a bit condensed, the main concepts still shine through, prompting you to question your own ideas and values. However, this...

Dagney et all!

By SueinTexas
This was a very good adaptation of the book. I loved Dagney and Rearden in the film, perfect casting! Can't wait for part 2....


By whoaholly
A very good condensed adaptation of the book. Surprisingly well cast by some virtual unknown actors that did a great job with most a good fit to their parts . I recommend this movie & hope the ...

Yeah! The movie is in our backyard!

By christir
We are taking our whole office and then some, after all our company name is John Galt Insurance :) We are hoping to spread the objectivist virus! We saw the movie, and it was great!...

Atlas Shrugged

By Larry_Contrary
Quite simply the BEST new effort to appear on the silver screen since the original Star Wars in 1977!! George Lucas, eat your heart out... Unfortunately only "Part 1" of three parts but public...

Critics must see themselves in this...

By jcruze7
Very enjoyable. If you've read the book, you will be happy. If you haven't you will get a good introduction to a larger story. The negative reviews from the critics I'm convinced is because they...

Atlas Shrugged should be required reading and now viewing.

By jaxdaugherty
The very reasons Atlas Shrugged is a great story make this a great movie, and is the very reason I doubt it will be a comercial success. The plot was true to the story line of the book as much as I...

Atlas Shrugged

By Kenhoss
We saw ATLAS SHRUGGED (the movie) and went away wishing it had not ended. What a great train ride! The pursuit of excellence is uplifting. Collectivists who see it may not have the integrity to...

Could be an eye opener!!!

By kinocrit
I hope it mostly follows the book. This movie has so much to say to the people of today but will it? I am hoping this is a "must go", here's hoping!...

Great movie

By branched515
Excellant movie! Can't wait until parts 2 and 3 come out. Best book I ever read!...

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