Fun to see Eddie Murphy again

By alohadonna
Written March 11, 2012
If you loved Eddie Murphy's arrogant character Kit in Bowfinger and the street con man in Trading Places, you'll really enjoy Eddie's portrayal of a conceited agent whose motor mouth is suddenly & painfully constrained. While not entirely surprising it, nevertheless, has a satisfying resolution. Eddie is at his best as the obnoxious agent wholly lacking sincerity who is schooled in his own personal development.
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what does it make you think and feel

By nichirensman
Written March 12, 2012
I enjoyed the movie as an afternoon way to get away from my thoughts and worries. No matter how preposterous or or laden in formula this picture may seem, I would say the message is good and don't be turned off by the somewhat adult antics that are part of some of this movie's irreverence. It DID make me feel and think deeply and that was worth it.
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Review of Thousand Words

By holskmes
Written March 12, 2012
A cute storyline with an ending that makes you think about your own life and the message the writer is trying to convey. Didn't laugh as much as some of the other Eddie Murphy movies, and I found his acting to be a repeat of his other famous characters. The ending had parts that did make me cry. I would recommend this movie.
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A Thousand Words

By petracuster
Written March 12, 2012
i like the movie, it had some things people might me facing in life not like the tree but simillar. it was a teary and very much halarious. Eddie is very funny and makes any movie a hit. would see it again
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Feel good family movie

By Ski3MD
Written March 10, 2012
I loved it overall. Based soley on the movie and not its trailer, I was initially annoyed by the verbosity of Eddy Murphy's character. It WAS their intention to portray him as an annoying "smooth-talking" book agent, there was a deeper message to be found under the complexity of the character interplay. This was a family friendly movie. Point is, make your own opinion and enjoy the movie.
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