A Complex Effort That Fails Due to Poor Editing.

By Al P
Written June 02, 2013
If there were ever to be a singular example for film school students in the worst case scenario of bad editing, this movie would be it. Despite the A-list cast, who each did an outstanding job despite the inferior dialog provided them in this adaptation of a previous film effort. In fact were it not for their fine contributions, it's highly doubtful this one would have made it into distribution, since it's overall quality is that bad. If one were looking for something to bring just a tiny bit of luster to an otherwise wholly dull Sunday afternoon, I suppose this film might suffice. Otherwise, wait to see it on DVD, cable or stream. You'll be glad you did.
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At Any Price, A beautiful film

By krystn61
Written April 28, 2013
I would strongly suggest this film as it has all the pieces that come together to capture and tell a compelling story. It opened my eyes up to an industry I know very little about, Farming. The Directing, writing, acting, both sound and visual editorial and cinematography are all extremely strong. This story needs to be told so that we can be educated on what is happening with our farming industry and food!
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Roger Ebert's thumb up from the grave

By everyweek60706
Written May 15, 2013
Fandango reports Roger Ebert gives this 100 percent even though it was released on April 24, 2013, a date he never saw. If you like good movies or have something to do with farming you will likely enjoy this fine film. Dennis Quaid is absolutely wonderful as the patriarch. A more charismatic salesman you could not imagine. Maika Monroe as Cadence, the Zac Efron character's (Dean Whipple's) and real-life girlfriend is very effective. She's probably someone you'll see more of soon, especially since she's already in upcoming movies including Bling Ring by Sophia Coppola. The dispute at the center of this drama is in front of the U.S. Supreme Court this spring. There is also some stock car racing if you're into that. If you're not into any of the above and just happened into the theater because Iron Man, Star Trek, or Gatsby were sold out this will likely open your eyes to what a good movie can do. The harshest criticism might be that other than that there's not much I can say
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Surprisingly Great!

By pedsarq
Written May 01, 2013
I ended up seeing this movie because Oblivion was sold out..and I'm glad I did. This movie is about very large corn farmers who have been in the business for generations and have had to do everything to survive. Dennis Quaid is in one of the best roles of his career as a farmer in charge of nearly 4,000 acres and the top seed-selling business in the state. He's in it to win at any cost, whether it's farming, selling seeds, or buying additional acres at funerals from vulnerable survivors. Zac Efron plays the son who doesn't want to inherit the family business. He tries his hand at car racing, but it's in his blood and he just can't escape the farming business. This is a fully charged drama that will keep you interested throughout. It's well paced and well done. I enjoyed it and was grateful that my first-choice movie for the night was sold out.
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At Any Price

By bobbie620
Written May 28, 2013
This was an ok movie with good acting but a bit slow moving.
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