At Any Price (2013) Synopsis
A high-stakes investigation into their business pushes a father and son into an unexpected crisis.
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A Complex Effort That Fails Due to Poor Editing.

By Al P
If there were ever to be a singular example for film school students in the worst case scenario of bad editing, this movie would be it. Despite the A-list cast, who each did an outstanding job...

At Any Price, A beautiful film

By krystn61
I would strongly suggest this film as it has all the pieces that come together to capture and tell a compelling story. It opened my eyes up to an industry I know very little about, Farming. The...

Roger Ebert's thumb up from the grave

By everyweek60706
Fandango reports Roger Ebert gives this 100 percent even though it was released on April 24, 2013, a date he never saw. If you like good movies or have something to do with farming you will likely...

Surprisingly Great!

By pedsarq
I ended up seeing this movie because Oblivion was sold out..and I'm glad I did. This movie is about very large corn farmers who have been in the business for generations and have had to do...

At Any Price

By bobbie620
This was an ok movie with good acting but a bit slow moving....

Wasn't worth it...At Any Price!

By dragfan2
Disappointed with a capital D! Expected so much more from Dennis Quaid, and this movie won't do anything for Zac Efron's acting credits. Not sure I would even rate it good enough to be a rental. ...


By Stephanielee91
Some parts were for sure interesting! But overall it was slow and kind of boring. The ending was a let down too. I would rent it from redbox but not pay to see it in theaters....

At Any Price

By EagleScout2
disjointed, unfinished...tries to tell too many stories... jumps from one to the other... no decent resolution of the plot...Acting is ok... Scenery rocks!...

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By Gswaggs
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By Betty-movielover<3
It seems like a good movie!!!! Even Ellen Degeneres said she watched it and liked it....

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Rated R | For for sexual content including a strong graphic image, and for language
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Common Sense Media says Indie drama's messages undercut by weak story, racy content.
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