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I Went Crazy Myself.

By SuzanneSays
Written July 24, 2008
Despite the fact, that I had to fight with this movie since the last renter decided to put a lock on the actual DVD, drive back to BlockBuster & fight with a cocky teen, & finally reach home with another copy.. THIS MOVIE IS STUPID & defanitley not worth the journey. The specific moments where the "perfect" college students encoutered insanity, they were creative and always had interesting settings. But everything else, was dumb dumb dumb dumb. And, personally I feel a LITTLE dumber watching such a useless & annoyingly repeating film. Pass this movie up all that you can! Grade of the Day: F
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By highdollarnana
Written August 25, 2008
Well,I can tell by all of the reviews(NOT) that I'm probably one of the few and my husband that watched this horror movie and really liked it, we thought the cast were great,I liked the story line and the few twist that were tossed in.It may not be my favorite horror film BUT It came far from being my least favorite.I enjoyed it and had fun too!!!!!
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