The A.V. Club

Although some of the road-trip clichés are unavoidable, Ass Backwards overcomes the obvious beats with clever, occasionally dark jokes that reveal the sharpness of its stars’ writing.
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Village Voice

By Chris Packham
The episodic story and minimal budget result in a small canvas over which these two huge characters dominate.
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It's infectious, and the daffy, breezy way they play off each other makes Ass Backwards way more enjoyable than it ought to be.
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By Jordan Hoffman
Co-writers and stars June Diane Raphael (“Whitney,” “New Girl”) and Casey Wilson (“Happy Endings”) are genuine and true comic performers. Even though the story stunk, the set pieces were uninspired and the direction was downright wretched, when these two are “on” and doing schtick, they are absolutely fresh and hilarious.
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The Dissolve

By Mike D'Angelo
Apparently unsure whether to go with the lazy idea of a disastrous beauty pageant or the equally lazy idea of a zany road trip, Raphael and Wilson lazily combine the two.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Justin Lowe
Ill-advised and amateurishly executed, Ass Backwards begins with a passably funny concept and runs it into the ground within 20 minutes.
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The New York Times

By Neil Genzlinger
The film, a comedy without much comedy in it... clumsily tries to merge road trip humor and beauty pageant parody.
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By Dennis Harvey
Ass Backwards proves that no amount of comic talent can shine — or raise a chuckle — in the absence of even halfway decent material.
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Los Angeles Times

By Robert Abele
The scenarios in Ass Backwards, which director Chris Nelson contributed to by filming in focus, feel arbitrary rather than organic, as if the creators' list of humor targets — lesbian bikers, trailer trash, drug-addicted reality TV stars, pageant world denizens — were picked out of a hat.
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Time Out New York

Wilson and Raphael have been a comedy team for years, and they riff off each other expertly; too often, however, that’s all they do.
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37 out of 100
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