Artistically told

By Usha L Paradise
Written January 18, 2010
While it started off a bit slow, it definitely picks up. One day in the life of this single man - and life keeps messing up his plans. But as he quotes in the movie, "Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him." Solid performances by Colin Firth, Matthew Goode and Julianne Moore - but would have expected no less from them. (By the way, see Goode in "Imagine Me & You" - fantastic!) The stud from Madrid was indeed "smoking hot" - looking forward to seeing him in future films. I cannot end before commenting on the use of color in this film - absolutely perfect! And the audience followed where the director wanted us to go ... taking the cues from the coloration to see the world through his eyes. Really well done.
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Visually beautiful, emotionally devastating!

By klv12
Written January 11, 2010
Colin Firth will make you forever forget him as Mr. Darcy; this is the role of his career. The emotional restraint he employs in portraying the title character makes this movie a journey of discovery; Tom Ford's choices work wonderfully for this story; what isn't shown on the character's faces is revealed through color and light in a novel way that never becomes gimmicky.
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the single man

By fandecinema
Written January 19, 2010
A story of two gay men. very very slow,boring and uninteresting . sorry,not my cup of tea. Guy
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A Single Man is Excellent

By maxmiles
Written December 14, 2009
Colin Firth owns this movie. He gets Isherwood's George perfectly. His gestures and expression convey so much with so little. The movie is hardly filled with action, but it swept me away with the strength of emotions it created. It really was an I laughted, I cried experience. The chemistry between Firth and Moore, and even moreso between Firth and Goode is incredible. You must see this movie. (And regarding the gay issue, if that is what is could be called, this is a movie about a gay man as a man. It is not a movie about gayness and political stances, etc. George is gay that's all, big deal, he loves a man. It is a love story and loss story for everyone.)
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the quiet man

By golferette
Written January 18, 2010
Best of Colin Firth.
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