As Above/So Below Synopsis
Archaeologists search for lost treasure in the catacombs beneath Paris.
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DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE !! SHAME ON THE MAKERS AND PROMOTERS OF THIS MOVIE !!! please read my comments below..interesting

By shah11417
the promoters of this movie hired this woman in new york to give out free tickets, i approached her and asked her if i could have one, since i saw the trailers for it and was interested...she looked...

did not like

By Bruce_The_Almighty
I went for free and that was too much to pay for this movie... basically you watch third person through tunnels and poor scare tactics.. and the story line basically SUCKED.... I wish I could get my...

filming ??

By trwellman
Hollywood needs to stop with this stupid handheld camera shaky cheesy filming. once is enough. nobody wants to have headaches anymore from these type of films. it could have been a good film but...

Above. Below. I don't care.

By judemovies
No! Not even for free. The one star is for Scarlet Letters that did the ending credits. Thank God....

Surprisingly awesome

By eblinmla
I was expecting a silly scary movie, but it was a great mix of found footage, mystery, and horror films. I never once wondered what time is was and appreciated the twists and turns that were...

This movie hurts

By snowblind3000
Just to prove all positive reviews are written with on purpose misspelled words and what not by bullcrap payed off people this review is so real cause this movie is like being a short blond petite...

Best horror this summer!

By smithf2011
Lately the couple horrors that came to theaters this summer (Deliver Us..) , were good but not actually "true jumpy horrors". I have to say, I jumped a lot harder than I thought! Especially the whole...

Dreadful movie.

By blooml3
Just don't....

Suspenseful, eerie, but interesting dynamic. - The best Go-Pro film yet!

By jbelarmino27
Despite how generally awful "found-footage" films have been in recent years, this film wasn't. I give this film a well deserve 4/5 stars because it was simply fantastic all around. Despite the trailer...


By eddiebov3
okay so this movie totally rocked. I just came back from the midnight viewing with my girl. As a standout to horror it did provide a couple of jump scares, but besides that, i felt as if I were in the...

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Rated R | For Language Throughout and Bloody Violence/Terror
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Common Sense Media says Cool heroine in scary but uneven found-footage horror movie.
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