Tollywood graphics meets Hollywood standards.

By vscrao24
Written February 01, 2009
Its a good movie with average story, worth watching for its extremely well graphics and screenplay. Certainly it meets the Hollywood standards, one must watch in a movie theater to appreciate it. Anushka has given a decent performance. With the kind of movies playing at this time i rate arundhati as 4/5.
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By nagesh
Written February 11, 2009
More sound, more Scary (to my wife) and More Graphics, dominated the actual line of the story. Child Anushka is very good. Anushka is good, but could not give effective performance in serious scenes. Pakheer should not die in the movie as he is the representative of God, Allah. Showing that the power of 'Samaadhi' and the home of pakheer (power of allah) is good, which contains the villain equally. One doubt, i have in the movie, if the samaadhi is so tightly covered up, how come the 'swaasa' of the villain will come out of sammadhi and destroys Gadwal people, their health, wealth etc? I think, Director/Story writer tried to bring the story more real, but failed, there is not impact with the point. Graphics are OK. But more clarity should be there, i dont remember any graphics after coming out of the movie. For example, i can remember the graphics of Ammoru till now, particularly the last scene where in Ammoru kills the villain with her thrisool. As a whole movie is for one time.
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