Arthur Newman Synopsis
A man fakes his own death and assumes a new identity.
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Feel good movie

By lisah1401939
A cute feel good movie with an ending that leaves you smiling. Colin Firth and Emily Blunt are well suited for the roles that they play and their quirky, onscreen chemistry is comedic and warming at...

Great performances!

By petrovich.alexandra
I loved it! Colin Firth and Emily Blunt gave great performances and the story was compelling and fun. Don't write it off until you see it....


By regmoviegoer
Looked forward to seeing this...Blunt and Firth..should be cute or funny... NOT! Was as dull as the charactor Firth was playing. So dragged out, not a good storyline, just BORING. Unnecessary...

Go GodBless Arthur Newman

By kingokarma
A fantastic film! I loved it! Director Dante Ariola brilliant with his direction. Colin Firth and Emily Blunt both beautiful soul journeying with there characters. Anne Heche was...

Nice indy film

By shannonwandrews
I can't see why everyone is bashing this film. No, it's not a big action movie with explosions everywhere, but I thought it is was quite good. The stars are fantastic as usual. If you are looking...

See it!

By debbiemerrich
Wow, really surprised by the negative buzz. I thought it was great! Colin Firth and Emily Blunt were both excellent. I suggest you see it before you judge....

Tedious and Disappointing.

By Al P
Why was this film made? If it was to abuse, bore or otherwise disappoint customers, it's a HUGE success. Everything's wrong with this film. Basically, it should be burned and forgotten. It's not...


By anthillbooks
What a lovely lovely film...

Loved it

By glennafziger
Beautiful poignant and thought provoking...

great mivie

By meiling417
a must see...

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Rated R | For Brief Drug Use, Sexual Content and Language
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Common Sense Media says Often-somber drama has language, sex, drinking.
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