The kids and I really enjoyed this movie

By kvillegas1014
Written March 31, 2012
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Arthur and the Invisibles

By Rhiannahj
Written April 09, 2007
It was a great movie of good guy VS. bad guy. It made the girls feel happy when Arthur found his grandfather.
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Great Show!

By bill2b
Written February 05, 2007
Thought it was GREAT!!! an overall must see ...the story line was a little like the Goonies but overall a good one
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Caviar meets cat litter

By ArtTeacherMom
Written January 19, 2007
This was a movie that started off as caviar and ended in cat litter. I was so excited and interested in Arthur's treasure map hunt and entertained by the Grandma but the cartoon deflated the balloon. The dialogue was so fast that the jokes went over my kids heads. I kept waiting to laugh. Since it had been done in another language, it didn't make sense. Arthur's cartoon image should have looked like him. I forgot why we were on a hunt. The rap guys were gross and needed clothing, not to mention fingertips, yuck! And Madonna? Her speaking voice is so undistinctive. If we watched the princess walk away from the camera and wag her perfect tush once, we saw it three times. Also the romance between 10 year old Arthur and 1,000 year old Princess WhatWasHerName is strange. I will not recommend this to anyone or be buying the DVD. I only rated it "No" because at least I didn't walk out. What a waste of an hour and 43 minutes that I will never get back!
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arthur and the invisibles

By sammydoll101
Written February 14, 2007
this movie was amazing, I took six very different little girls of different age groups to go see this move and all of them loved it. its amaginative and puts your right into the movie. you love the good guy and you hate the bad guy. this movie didnt get a lot of publicity but it was better the most of the movies I have seen that did get a lot of publicity. when this comes out I am getting it for sure.
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