Art Bastard Synopsis
ART BASTARD is the tale of artist Robert Cenedella, a rebel who never fit into today’s art world, yet has become one of its most provocative characters nevertheless.
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Movie Reviews

Art *******

By wbettinger
My 90 year old mother and I LOVED this documentary. It was very well done and kept our interest all the way through. We want to see it again....

By Sgyorki
Art ******* is a fabulous intriguing film about a fabulous intriguing artist, Art ******* is a must see and Bob cenedella is a must meet!...

What A Relief!

By gopherprairieexile
A very well-made documentary about someone worth spending an hour and a half with. Robert Cenedella is an artist with a refreshing view of the art world, and he's had this "refreshing" view for more...

By ronealb
Annoyed by his obvious liberal political views. Usually I enjoy documentaries. Wish I had missed this one....