Art and Craft Synopsis
Art forger Mark Landis duplicates paintings with masterful skill and donates them to museums.

Movie Reviews

The Artful Dodger

By JEdwin
Wonderful documentary about an intriguing art forger who donated forgeries to galleries and museums for fun, breaking no laws, and who eventually became famous, having an exhibition of his forgeries,...

fascinating and entertaining

By ramrock77
Loved this film. A portrait of a complex and fascinating man - unravels through a hilarious and entertaining narrative....

Quirky, funny and sad all at once.

By paulkiel

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By dechen2000
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Cute little gentleman

By mdliu0206

Art and Craft Is Fascinating

By Hlaub
Art and Craft is much more than a movie about an art forger or how the art world was duped into accepting his forgeries as original pieces. As the movie plays you see the development of Mark Landis,...

You MUST see this film

By kenthikida364
This is a gem of a film with a captivating narrative that poses interesting questions about what constitutes art, and between reality and fiction....

An incredible portrait

By gcullman
Cullman and Graussman expertly reveal Mark Landis, the subject of this documentary film to the audience with a tender, humane touch. The prolific forger is a charmer and is so fun to spend time with....