By druizjr2911
Written January 18, 2017
Please don't listen to some of these reviewers and trust the critics on this one! You can be one of two things, Independence Day Resurgence or Arrival... please be Arrival! The cast was great and the characters were executed beautifully! It butters you up, marinates you, then bakes your mind by the end! Smart, haunting, and an intellectual film! Oscar worthy! They don't make films like this too often. It's like assembling a puzzle, it all comes together by the end. You want your mind and ideas to be challenged? See this! The score was amazing and just sets the tone perfectly! The story telling is masterful and the fun part is asking What would we do as a human race if something like this were to actually happen?
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Confusing. Overblown. Not an alien movie.

By Honest Critic 333
Written January 22, 2017
First of all, be wary of a "100% Rotten Tomaters" rating on a movie before it is released. Also consider that Rotten Tom is now owned by the movie studios. This movie will be confusing for most of the people watching it. It is basically a movie about a woman and her daughter wrapped up in a weak sci-fi overplot. It's as if they couldn't sell the Mom/Daughter movie so they thought, "lets add aliens and people might see it!" It is clearly low budget with much of the exterior shots green screened. If you were hoping for a thought provoking sci fi movie you will be disappointed.
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the worst movie ever made

By fandang2
Written January 22, 2017
I'm an ardent sci fi fan and anxiously awaited this movie since it was announced months ago. Please do not waste your money. The absolutely worst movie ever made. No plot, no ending, nothing. A rambling collection of scenes with no direction that made no sense at all. Not a mind bender but a screen play that insults the viewer by pretending it is so so very deep. Well, the writers went off the deep end.
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An original

By DrPiotrowski
Written January 19, 2017
If you are tired or remakes and retelling of the same cliche movie plots then go see this movie. It shows there are still new ideas out there.
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By manicmark
Written January 19, 2017
The name should be Departure because I couldn't wait to leave. I didn't like this movie and I normally like SCI FI films . The story is obscure or too subliminal to my liking. The acting was OK but the story was kinda weird .
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