AARAMBAM is Good To Watch

By VinothSpyro
Written March 03, 2015
You will not feel bored, Far better than his recent movies... 1st half good.. 2nd half bit slow.. you cant expect much on commercial movies like this.. Go for It.. definitely watchable atleast once...
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Arrambam is making the shake in the Boxoffice

By Abhilashkch
Written May 24, 2016
You will like it if you are a commercial movie fan .The movie is a stylish flick which talks about a man's war against the corruption which linked with 26/11 terrorist attack took place in India. The movie has a great cast and crew .Moreever you can enjoy the movie if you are a fan of Ajith Kumar
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Arrambam - Misses the Bull's Eye

By kehakartik
Written March 23, 2017
A decent plot but not so properly constructed commercial sequences make this movie a strictly one time watch. Ajith Kumar shoulders the movie throughout and ably supported by Arya and Kishore. Poor editing, Poor to the poor background score doesn't help the average screenplay filled with lot of logical loopholes.
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Aarambam - Made for Ajith Fans

By ravekumarr
Written November 05, 2013
Ajith fans might be entertained by this movie. If you are not one among them, better skip it in the theatres.
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By karthik.com
Written November 09, 2013
Not that Rambam... its okay to watch for stylish and visual but no logic.
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