Interesting, well acted, message

By hlichstein
Written January 11, 2013
Very interesting arc to the story, marvelous performances by stars, good intellectual message. Movie making craft well displayed, psychology accurate. Worthwhile experience.
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By markdmccarver
Written February 15, 2013
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By ccnj1982
Written October 07, 2013
This movie was SO well done. I have been telling everyone about this film. The acting was brilliant as were the costumes and set design.
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By TheMovieMinx
Written May 25, 2013
Very nicely done. I laughed, I got angry, I sat at the edge of my seat, I was well acted, flawlessly written and beautiful. (Mikkelsen is Brilliant!!) I enjoyed every character...The King, The Doctor, The Queen, The Court....even the dog. Mikkelsen's ability to change the mood of a single moment with only the slightest adjustment in his expression is Incredible! To convey something clearly with such a subtle change without saying a single word is a skill all it's own...Bravo!! (Mikkelsen also does this quite well in Hannibal) I enjoyed it from beginning to end. I am a Mads fan but even if I weren't this is definitely a must see! Forget that it's a "period" piece (as some will avoid it for that very reason) go see it because its History, because its true, because its a love story between three very different people....see it because its worth seeing!
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A Royal Affair

By cpsiler
Written November 12, 2012
Super! And it's real history.
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