As Foriegn Films Go, This One Is Special.

By Al P
Written July 03, 2015
Reading a film puts a lot of people off. That's understandable in that it's difficult to watch and read at the same time. Still, some films transcend this deficit and this is definitely one of them. It's an absolutely beautifully photographed feature. The language translation doesn't diminish it's value one bit. Rich sets, extraordinary costumes, near perfect lighting and photography worthy of the AFI, I'd say look for this one at the Oscars. If it's not in the foreign film category, it was cheated. See this film. If you're a fan of period costume dramas, you definitely won't be disappointed.
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Excellent Royal Love Triangle

By pedsarq
Written November 15, 2012
The setting is the Danish Royal Court during the Age of Enlightenment (early 1700s). The players are The King of Denmark, a German doctor, and an English woman who married the king of Denmark. The problem: the king loves the German doctor as his only true friend; the Queen falls in love with the German doctor; and, the German doctor is too weak to resist the queen and too smart not to take advantage of the King's friendship to advance his progressive Enlightenment ideologie. There's plenty of royal court plotting and back-stabbing in this terrific film about the Danish Royal Court. The King is portrayed as a a buffoon who just signs off on laws without even reading them. Ultimately, he is influenced by the German doctor and begins to make some progressive changes to his country's laws. At least until the love affair between the doctor and the Queen is revealed. It's tough to be a royal. This is a great movie that explores an interesting slice of Danish history. I enjoyed it.
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By ItsJustMelissa
Written July 30, 2016
Very nicely done. I laughed, I got angry, I sat at the edge of my seat, I was well acted, flawlessly written and beautiful. (Mikkelsen is Brilliant!!) I enjoyed every character...The King, The Doctor, The Queen, The Court....even the dog. Mikkelsen's ability to change the mood of a single moment with only the slightest adjustment in his expression is Incredible! To convey something clearly with such a subtle change without saying a single word is a skill all it's own...Bravo!! (Mikkelsen also does this quite well in Hannibal) I enjoyed it from beginning to end. I am a Mads fan but even if I weren't this is definitely a must see! Forget that it's a "period" piece (as some will avoid it for that very reason) go see it because its History, because its true, because its a love story between three very different people....see it because its worth seeing!
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By Peneflix
Written November 15, 2012
Beautifully filmed, exquisitely acted Danish movie revolving around the disastrous marriage of Englishwoman Caroline Mathilde (sister of King George III) to her cousin Danish King Christian VII. The film commences in 1766... Caroline is fifteen years old, accomplished, well-read and a musician; schooled in the ways of the age, she envisions a romantic match,(obviously accomplished by proxy) where she and her husband reign as benevolent King and Queen of Denmark. All runs amuck when she meets Christian, an inane, insane idiot; doomed to a horrific fate; the only consolation, is the brief life span in the eighteenth century... "A Royal Affair" is royally cloaked in clandestine palace politics, rumor, back-stabbing and eventual ruination. It is long, but I would not have excised a single second... FOUR STARS!!!! ***For full review please visit peneflix(dot)com!!!
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Royal Subterfuge

By VAmovie_goer
Written November 25, 2012
A Royal Affair is an intriguing look into the machinations and scheming that went on in the Danish Royal Court in the 18th century. The cast was very good especially Mads Mikkelsen (who was a Bond Villian in Casino Royale). Alicia Vikander who played Queen Caroline Mathilde was also very good in portraying the intelligent but neglected wife of King Christian VII.
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