Aron Warner

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Cheech Marin The Book of Life
2014 Guillermo del Toro The Book of Life
2014 Diego Luna The Book of Life
2014 Ron Perlman The Book of Life
2014 Christina Applegate The Book of Life
2014 Hector Elizondo The Book of Life
2014 Ice Cube The Book of Life
2010 Antonio Banderas Shrek Forever After
2010 Jane Lynch Shrek Forever After
2010 Julie Andrews Shrek Forever After
2010 Eddie Murphy Shrek Forever After
2010 Mary Kay Place Shrek Forever After
2010 Cameron Diaz Shrek Forever After
2010 John Cleese Shrek Forever After
2010 Mike Myers Shrek Forever After
2007 Eddie Murphy Shrek the Third
2007 John Cleese Shrek the Third
2007 Cameron Diaz Shrek the Third
2007 Mike Myers Shrek the Third
2007 Eric Idle Shrek the Third
2007 Julie Andrews Shrek the Third
2007 Antonio Banderas Shrek the Third
2007 Ian McShane Shrek the Third
2007 Rupert Everett Shrek the Third
2004 Julie Andrews Shrek 2
2004 Antonio Banderas Shrek 2
2004 Rupert Everett Shrek 2
2004 Mike Myers Shrek 2
2004 Cameron Diaz Shrek 2
2004 John Cleese Shrek 2
2004 Eddie Murphy Shrek 2
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