Army of Darkness Synopsis
A supermarket worker finds himself in medieval England with a chainsaw and a '73 Olds.
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Chicago Tribune

By Dave Kehr
Much of the movie's charm, in fact, is derived from its sense of its own instant disposability. Raimi has created the cinematic equivalent...
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By James Berardinelli
No matter what your opinion is of the movie, you're unlikely to be bored.
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Film Threat

Easily the most unique film in the trilogy, and in many ways the most fun.
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As a film in its own right, this quirky Ray Harryhausen tribute (a skeleton army!) rocks. As an Evil Dead film, though, it’s ultimately...
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Entertainment Weekly

By Owen Gleiberman
By the time Army of Darkness turns into a retread of "Jason and the Argonauts," featuring an army of fighting skeletons, the film has...
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Christian Science Monitor

By David Sterritt
Fans of ultraviolent sword-and-sorcery nonsense will have a good time; others will head for the exit. [19 Feb 1993, Arts, p.10]
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TV Guide

Raimi is a master at pacing this kind of material, however, and never allows it to become redundant.
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Mick LaSalle
Army of Darkness has good moments and shows traces of wit right up to the end, though these moments wind up coming fewer and farther...
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Roger Ebert
The movie isn't as funny or entertaining as "Evil Dead II," however, maybe because the comic approach seems recycled.
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USA Today

By Mike Clark
The movie runs just 80 minutes, but it's enough time for doldrums to set in when nifty special effects and funny verbal exchanges are out...
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Twice As Fun As The Frist Two

By TheEvilDead2389
If You Seen (The Evil Dead,Evil Dead II:Dead By Dawn) Than This Picture Is Not Fore You It Just Doesn't Hit The Mark But It's Not Trying To Be Serious It's Trying To Be Fun They Didn't Give A...

Don't evaluate it seriously

By redyeah
You cannot take this picture seriously because it was not meant to be serious. The first two were true horror with comedy thrown in. This is a horror-comedy. Which means it is strongly influened in...

So Awful its great

By jennibrat
There is nothing like a movie showing its true intention of being cheesey and bad. Which makes it so good. The oh so silly lines like "Give me Some Sugar" and my ultimate favorite Groovy make this...

Great Movie

By just_watch'em
This was awsome to see on the big screen, the audience was fantastic and the group I went with had a blast. I'll be looking to see when movies like this one get played in the future....

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By rcmean
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By TheTaylorCole
This is my favorite movie. Ever....

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By popboy
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Evil dead 3 review

By thechristians
Raimi once and again put ash in 1300 and ash has to go back . Army of darkness is not a funny horror movie . its just a kick ***horror movie Grade A+...

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By heathart
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Army of Darkness

By movie_watcher_3
I saw this movie when I was very young and at that age I was very scared by it, but the older I got I realized that this movie was very funny. I LOVE this movie and always will love it. Rent it...

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