ARMORED - thin shell. GRADE: C-average. (Based on advance VIP press preview - Thurs. Dec. 3rd.)

Written December 04, 2009
This 1hr 28min heist/crime thriller stars Matt Dillon, Jean Reno, Laurence Fishburne, Amaury Nolasco, Milo Ventimiglia, Columbus Short, Skeet Ulrich, and Fred Ward. Scripted by James V. Simpson and competently directed by Nimród Antal(award-winning director of 2004 CANNES Film Festival's' 'Kontroll'), ARMORED explored various themes - conflict, morality, crime, justice, and action-consequence/karma. But, the thin plot basically cramped the movie despite strong performances by the talented cast. There were a few chair-gripping scenes plus some thrilling action sequences - but a feeling of disconnectedness persisted throughout the movie. Instead of drawing me in and holding me rapt - I was disappointed by the lack of character development and I was apathetic with regard toward the characters. The anti-climactic ending did not improve the overall 'feel' of this 'heavy' movie. VERDICT: Recommended for fans of the cast.
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By nameforusing
Written July 02, 2012
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Just fantastic

By prw43
Written December 05, 2009
Just got back from seeing this. It's one GREAT movie. Besides a thrill a second, it's got a real story AND real characters you actually care about played by incredible actors. A MUST see!!!
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Try To Steal $42 Million Without A Plan

By Madmoviewatcher
Written December 05, 2009
No one is going to decided to ripoff their employer for $42 million dollars on a whim wtihout planning it out. Maybe a getaway plane? Nope. Maybe a getaway van to sneak accross the Mexican border? Nuh uh. Maybe a speedboat to an island? Nada. How would they ever succeed pulling off this heist without a plan. It was over before it began.
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"Armored" is one of the best movies of the year

By Jim F
Written December 20, 2009
Less a heist film than a psychological study of the anger and tension created when each member of an armored car team go different ways in the course of stealing $42 million from their own vehicle . Hungarian director Nimrod Antal restricts himself, as in his previous two films, to a very limited set (mostly just an abandoned warehouse) and has the story flow from the tension between the characters as they each try to find security and reward amidst a collapsing plan. While most heist films play on ironies that cause so-called perfect ideas to fail, "Amored" finds more drama and tension in the erosion of friendship and trust -and the heroism of taking a stand-in the face of greed, self-centeredness and group pressure. By the end of this film I was silently cheering the actions of the one character who refuses to cross certain moral lines, no matter what the profit. The director and his first-rate cast have made a film that harks back to the great B movies of the 1940's and 1950's
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