By dhradek
Written February 17, 2013
What a memorable movie! The portrayal of the Iranian hostage rescue was excellent. I was riveted to the screen and although I knew the outcome, I was still experiencing the fears, anxieties and tension that the actors were sharing with their audience. I did research the actual event to compare the accuracy of the film version, and the director did follow the details of the event fairly closely minus some adaptations necessary to filming along with heightening the drama of the event especially at the end. Ben Affleck is to be applauded for this awesome movie. I have recommended Argo to many and especially those young people who were perhaps too young to remember this historical event as an opportunity to look back at our history and the details surrounding the actual rescue which were unknown to many of us who do remember this event. What a fascinating story! Don't miss this film!
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By iabrams
Written January 27, 2015
Ok, so they threw in a car chase, made up a runway drama, and invented some people in government. That's Hollywood. But when my wife and I got home and Wikipedia'd this film we felt slimed by Affleck. There is a kind of sickening immorality in the way the movie twists history, adding in totally unnecessary lies about the British, New Zealand, and Canadian roles in this escapade. So, it's not a bad movie, but you are being played if you see it. Not just entertained.
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By nutts4movies
Written July 28, 2015
If you are to young to know about this incident.....Go! If you are somewhat aware of the incident....Go! If you know everything about this incident....Go! Go! Go! A wonderful cast and 5 thumbs up for Ben Affleck (if I had five thumbs). Don't miss the credits!
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Docudrama thriller is terrific

Written November 30, 2015
Argo is well written and well acted by a terrific ensemble throughout. The film tells the story with historical accuracy of a very difficult time in 1979 when the American embassy in Iran was breached. The focus is on 6 escapees hiding out in the Canadian ambassador's home, and efforts to bring them back, while at the same time, many others were being held hostage inside the embassy itself. We see events in D.C., and events in Teheran. A terrific film for those who lived through the time and for those who want to understand this important piece of history and how it came about. The camera captures the tension and drama of the events and the many persons involved. We know how it ends, but we are tense nonetheless.
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Timely, Smart, Edge of your Seat

By BeyhanTrock
Written February 08, 2016
Ben Affleck's film wowed us! We were at the edge of our seats from beginning to end, watching recent history unfold with sure-handed direction, fabulous acting, incredible attention to detail, and best of all an intelligent, big-hearted and honest telling of a complicated true story. Wow! I was still shaking when we left the theater and can't wait to see it again.
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