By natco747
Written October 14, 2012
This is a MUST SEE movie. Well done with kudos to Ben Aflick who both directed and acted in this suspense filled drama about the 1979 US embassy hostage crisis in Iran. It is a winner. At the end of the move everyone in my theater was clapping with some on their feet. How often does that happen???
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By laydeecop29
Written March 11, 2013
Was one of the best true story movies I've seen in a long time. Ben Affleck was amazing, as were John Goodman, Alan Arkin and all the others. Great movie and would highly recommend!
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spellbinding movie

By msschris330
Written October 20, 2012
Both my husband and I liked this movie. If you lived through the Iranian crisis, this movie is absolutely fascinating. It is definitely a movie for adults, not kids, because of all the cursing.
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By mpguttman
Written October 21, 2012
To viewers of a certain age the movie had special significance. I remember reading that the Canadians had smuggled the 6 Americans out. I had never read that it was a CIA operation. The movie took me back to that time. The background, cars hairstyles etc, was perfect. The movie quickly drew me in. One quickly felt the fear at the embassy and the frustration in devising the plan for extraction. The final scenes were riviting. Don't miss the very end!! Who is Ian?
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By jeaniel
Written October 14, 2012
Really a terrific movie. Even tho we know how it ends, the suspense is unbelievable! A real adult movie -- no gratuitous sex or violence....actually no sex at all, and only necessary violence. A no-effort, thoroughly enjoyable history lesson, and uncannily timely.
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