By peter5992
Written October 13, 2012
Saw the movie this afternoon, with no real expectations of what I was getting into, and it is absolutely exceptional - you're glued to the seat right from the very first minute. Really one of the best movies I've seen in recent years. Very engaging on every level.
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By kcvino
Written October 16, 2012
Moved along quickly. Had a balance of humor and suspense. Loved it - especially since it was based on a true story. Don't leave after the credits - stay and see the real people who lived this movie - the casting was superb.
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Sucks you in and keeps you there

By Mike Muilenburg
Written October 14, 2012
It's a good thing I ate the box of candy BEFORE the movie started; the box was destroyed by the end. I recall the incident clearly. I was 5 yrs removed from college, and even then, had developed an appreciation for the hostility Persian students had for Americans. Carter's big mistake was granting asylum to the Shaw. Now, the rest of the story!
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Entertaining But Historically Revisionist & Pointedly Omits Full Disclosure.

By Alon Patterson
Written October 15, 2012
It's hard not to read something sinister into everything that appears politically biased today. So, in the spirit of fairness, I'll stand in the middle and not judge the motives of these producers but the merit and accuracy of their work. I'm an expert witness to this event in history. The film makers took much license for entertainment. Given the timing of release, misdirection could be taken as intentionally revisionist, or propagandist. Even were one to dismiss this fact, there's still the matter of insensitivity to the plights of ten times the number of these early runners who nervously dined lavishly, however briefly, in the moose lodge while dozens of their coworkers lived as savages at the hands of madmen. Yes, as stated in the end titles, the other release came on 1-20-1981; left out was the fact it was: AT THE VERY MOMENT Reagan was inaugurated. Those nuts didn't fear Carter, just as they continue to fear NO Democrat leader of this nation. 1-20-2013 history repeats, or not.
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Absolutely Amazing

By MedRed
Written October 15, 2012
This movie is timely, well acted, well written, well shot, and just.. well brilliant! Way to go Mr.Affleck. I didn't know you had it in you.
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