By dhradek
Written February 17, 2013
What a memorable movie! The portrayal of the Iranian hostage rescue was excellent. I was riveted to the screen and although I knew the outcome, I was still experiencing the fears, anxieties and tension that the actors were sharing with their audience. I did research the actual event to compare the accuracy of the film version, and the director did follow the details of the event fairly closely minus some adaptations necessary to filming along with heightening the drama of the event especially at the end. Ben Affleck is to be applauded for this awesome movie. I have recommended Argo to many and especially those young people who were perhaps too young to remember this historical event as an opportunity to look back at our history and the details surrounding the actual rescue which were unknown to many of us who do remember this event. What a fascinating story! Don't miss this film!
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By janier
Written July 28, 2014
This was a fantastic movie...well acted and "sit on the end of your seat excitement"..Even knowing the ending it didn't was really exciting..Kudos to Ben Afleck and all of the stars.. Jane roland
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Timely, Smart, Edge of your Seat

By BeyhanTrock
Written August 02, 2014
Ben Affleck's film wowed us! We were at the edge of our seats from beginning to end, watching recent history unfold with sure-handed direction, fabulous acting, incredible attention to detail, and best of all an intelligent, big-hearted and honest telling of a complicated true story. Wow! I was still shaking when we left the theater and can't wait to see it again.
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Very well done true life story

By elemperador
Written October 16, 2012
Normally I'm not a fan of "based on a true story", but Argo is extremely compelling and pacing is kept taut and ever escalating until the end. The exposition at the beginning is necessary for a lot of viewers and is really the only real slow spot. Real footage is expertly interlaced with dramatized in this very faithful account. Would recommend!
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Argo review

By donna239
Written February 10, 2013
I was in my 20's when the hostage crisis was going on. I had been to Tehran 1 year ealier as a flight attendat for PanAm and remember the airport well. This was a great movie and had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. One of the best movies I have seen and Ben Affleck is easy on the eyes.
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