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A CIA 'exfiltration' specialist concocts a risky plan to free six Americans.
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By Darkola
This movie is a true story based on the 1979 hostage situation in Iran, where 6 hostiges managed to escape the embassy itself. The story itself deals with the 6 as they stay hidden in Iran, and the...

Back Where Affleck Belongs

By FlimFlamFilmFan
We just saw ARGO in a large theatre with a mature audience old enough to vividly recall America’s angst during the 444 day Iranian hostage crisis. The audience applauded at the end. This movie is...


By jan_s25
Many of us remember the sketchy snippets provided by our television news journalists - as we waited and watched, for tales of the six, but more for word of the remaining hostages. This, as I recall,...


By jeanne4715
Fantastic movie. Ben Affleck was fantastic. I knew how this true store ended but was sitting on the edge of my seat for the last half hour. All the actors were superb. Must See....

"Argo ____ yourself!!"

By ajdes05
Very timely subject matter, handled with good balance of suspense and humor, never risks being to hokey or jingoistic... Ben Affleck is 3 for 3 as a director!!...

am icy reminder

By ron_miami 2009
most of us had an idea on what went on during the hostage taking aftyer the fall of the Shah of Persia; however this movie, crowning Affleck's career, shows us a different aspect of that horrible...


By peter5992
Saw the movie this afternoon, with no real expectations of what I was getting into, and it is absolutely exceptional - you're glued to the seat right from the very first minute. Really one of the...

ARGO - Fabulous & Suspenseful

By bbrown999
We all knew the outcome, but it didn't matter. It is a brilliantly constructed movie that easily merits the cliche "keeping you on the edge of your seat." The recreation of the atmosphere in Iran was...


By kcvino
Moved along quickly. Had a balance of humor and suspense. Loved it - especially since it was based on a true story. Don't leave after the credits - stay and see the real people who lived this...

Sucks you in and keeps you there

By Mike Muilenburg
It's a good thing I ate the box of candy BEFORE the movie started; the box was destroyed by the end. I recall the incident clearly. I was 5 yrs removed from college, and even then, had developed an...

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Rated R | For Language and some violent images
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Common Sense Media says Taut political thriller based on real-life escape from Iran.
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