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An unsuspecting Englishman arrives in Transylvania, lured by a job with a local nobleman. But the undead Count Dracula’s real target is the man’s innocent young wife.
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Los Angeles Times

By Mark Olsen
The effects may be cheap and unconvincing, the sets spare, the costumes from some unwanted back rack, but Argento still brings enough...
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At least a bit of an improvement over the embarrassment of "Giallo", but no matter how promising the idea of him tackling Bram Stoker's...
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Slant Magazine

By Chuck Bowen
The film is dispiriting because there's virtually no sign of Dario Argento in it, nor of any novel motivation to mount yet another version...
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Village Voice

By Zachary Wigon
Unfortunately, Argento never acknowledges he's in on the joke, nor is the film quite ridiculous enough for us to coast enjoyably on...
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The Dissolve

By Keith Phipps
It isn’t just sub-par for Argento, it’s sub-par for virtually any director. It’s a stain on Dracula’s good name, and a waste of time for...
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By Rob Nelson
Director Argento half-heartedly mixes schlocky 3D f/x with one-dimensional characters for a near-two-hour joke that ought to have been...
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The A.V. Club

By Nick Schager
No amount of intentional stabs at humor can offset the hilarious awfulness of Dario Argento’s Dracula.
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Time Out New York

By Joshua Rothkopf
Where, exactly, is Dario Argento? He’s up there in the title, but none of the horror maestro’s former genius (Suspiria) is evident in this...
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The New York Times

By Neil Genzlinger
When insects are the best thing in your movie, it’s probably time to retire.
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The Playlist

By Gabe Toro
This is the sort of movie that should be playing in the background on an episode of “Tim And Eric,” and yet instead it’s being released by...
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