Area 51 Synopsis
Obsessed with UFOs, a man and two friends find evidence of an alien presence at Area 51 in Nevada.
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By thingfromzot
I loved this movie! it scared the hell out of me! very well done!...


By lp27711
The movie was interesting, especially if you're into science fiction (aliens and conspiracy theories) kinda thing. It had its jumping moments and I wasn't quite sure how I felt about the ending....

Uh, hmm, well...

By stormygeb
I guess the middle bit was amusing but the beginning was a bit slow and the end was to be expected. Maybe I'm not appreciative of this genre, but we left snickering at the silliness....

Waste of money

By shann3832
This horrible movie doesn't even deserve 1/4 of a star but unfortunately you have to put something in the star for a rating or u can't submit it...

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Rated R | For Language Throughout, and Some Sexuality/Nudity