By lball
Written July 31, 2016
basically entertaining, however, why did the script writer feel it necessary to have every character say the F word. It took away from any uniqueness in the characters. Was it a private joke? Absolutely did not like the abrupt ending. Made it seem like a made for TV movie Part I and part two would be on next week to conclude the story. Would have liked to see more of Sarandon and that relationship with Gere seemed like it just broke the surface of its complexity as well as the relationship with Gere, Nate Parkers' character and his father. But I guess you can only tell so much of the story in the limited time. Perhaps the the abrupt ending was a precursor to a sequel :) Thanks for the opportunity to share!
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same (older) Richard Gere

By thisispenny
Written April 30, 2016
Movie was OK-Susan Sarandon was great ( as usual). Richard Gere played the same classy, womanizing, power hungry guy with the bare necessity of scruples as he has played before. Script reminded me a lot of Wall Street and the Michael Douglas character- ( although Richard Gere's character killed somebody and didn't come across as totally without empathy like Gordon Geko.
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Enjoyed Arbitrage

By Beantown02178
Written February 22, 2017
Saw Arbitrage yesterday and really enjoyed it; suspenful with a few good twists. First time in ages I've been to a movie and the theatre was almost full!
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Arbitrage rating

By ewdooley
Written May 26, 2017
Very good movie. It did have a few moments of disconnect but connections were later. The plot works but seams a little uneven. Yet I would recommend seeing the movie.
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By MrMikeG
Written September 29, 2016
Richard Gere does a great acting job in this movie. The movie is very entertaining and Gere plays a rich owner of a company but I kept thinking that the plot could have been a rich senator from Massachusetts that had a girlfriend. Lots of similarities as you will see. All in all, it was a great movie not to be missed!
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