By taylor_m
Written February 23, 2007
This is one of my favorite movies. definately worth it. good for all ages. SEE IT.
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I ought to know better

By dystane
Written February 10, 2007
I'm rating this movie because it came on HBO recently and someone other than a 13 year old girl ought to submit a rating. It's bad. Like you needed to be told. I like fish women as much as the next guy, but if you're watching this and you're not a 13 year old girl, you should be shot. In the head.
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u will love it

By cameronpm6809
Written October 08, 2012
It is a very good movie and a very sad movie it's about 2 people meeting a mermaid and help her find a boyfriend it's really good u should get it
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By chickenwing6
Written June 23, 2013
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By Chanchinaman
Written July 01, 2007
...This is all definatley for pre teens. It is not enjoyable for people older than the pre teen stage. This movie shows that all girls are only thinking about boys and clothes and materilistic things. So please watch this when you're 12-14 or younger, you seriously, I don't get why you're watching it....
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