An Excitement & Realism Rarely Captured in Cinema

By dermycar
Written February 21, 2010
Director Jacques Audiard should be commended for depicting a visceral and intimate look inside a desperate attempt by a young boy to survive inside prison, while remarkably becoming a criminal mastermind. The violence is equally realistic and disturbing as Audiard shows his directing prowess by bringing the viewer in through a genuinely-moving performance by Tahar Rahim as Malik. Audiard's choice of handheld camera, compassionate compositions, and showing Malik discovering life for the first time - when he's on his first plane ride, peering out of the jet window with childlike fascination - create something more than a typical prison-slash-redemptive tale, but just the opposite. Audiard's brilliance in his portrayal of Malik lies in the compassion and empathy the viewer has for the main character, while using that as evidence of his criminal conversion when he walks out a changed man - and most importantly - alive.
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When Bad Is Good

By fm10012
Written April 23, 2010
This movie is like "OZ" gone Hollywood. I love indies and this one is a 'must see'. It is gritty and realistic. I'm not a gangster but I kinda think the movie left me thinking that this is probably an authentic view. Great acting, awesome script, and shocking scenes. The movie runs 2'30" and it seemed like half that time. Another movie in the caliber of "Hurt Locker"
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Five Word Review

By akdouglas
Written April 16, 2010
newbie prison hunk kicks ass
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By nuzman9
Written March 13, 2010
The subtitles are flashed in and out rather quickly, sometimes, but the suspense and storyline keep you glued to the screen. Don't miss it!!!
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Five Word Review

By granpanda
Written April 15, 2010
poignant raw unpredictable intricate unforgettable
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