Keillor a success

By Steelblue9
Written May 29, 2016
Quite an enjoyable experience: that would be how I would sum it up. You really got the feeling you were just about in the Fitzgerald Theater while watching. In fact it was difficult to not want to applaud at the end of musical numbers and skits. Technically billed as a high definition experience, I would say it looked more like mid-definition to me; the whites just bright enough and most detail lost in the shadows and blacks. The sound and mics were very well done; the whole show well mixed. How often would one return? It seems likely this would be a once in a great while experience at least to see Garrison Keillor again, but having said that, it does whet my appetite to see other "live" concerts. I guess opera is next!
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A Prairie Home Companion

By wmf
Written February 09, 2010
Loved it! The variety of music, stories, sound effects, etc. kept it all interesting and fun. And Evis Costello was a great guest - especially "dying for - art!" This kind of show is a lost art that we don't even realize we're missing. Anyone growing up in small towns or communities in America can relate to this show.
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Five Word Review

By philabos
Written February 09, 2010
Great Fun for anyone cool
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Great Live Performance

By ex970
Written February 09, 2010
If you are a Prairie fan, you'll enjoy this showing.
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Very entertaining

By bob55
Written February 09, 2010
I enjoyed this special presentation very much. This show was very entertaining. The singers are talented and the sound was crisp and clean!!! Picture and angles ect made you feel right there with the crowd! All ages would appreciate this show.
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