• Released
  • October 25, 2010
  • PG-13 , 2 hr 15 min
  • Concert/Special Events
    Music/Performing Arts

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For Parents


long time Garrison Keillor fan!

By nancilynne
Written February 07, 2010
It was so interesting to see how the radio show was produced. My family and I are long time Garrison Keillor fans and my sons 15 and 12 enjoyed the show. We thought there was more singing and less of the stories than usual but the boys loved seeing how the sound effects were produced. If you don't think you will make it to St. Paul to see the live show this is worth it!
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A Prairie Home Companion

By aries9
Written February 13, 2010
A show that ive been listening to on radio since I was a child. I am now 32 years. This is a show I still want to see live and look forward to it hopefully before Garrison Keelor retires. I was however dissapointed with the movie theatre espeically having to pay $20.00 per ticket to see this show in a theatre. While we were sitting in the theatre waitng for the showing to start up on the screen came the menu for direct tv. The entire audience (not that there was a lot of people) watched as whoever was in charge of that particular theatre, as they scrolled through the menu selections on Direct Tv and then selected the program for Praire home companion. What a disspointment this was. I simply couldve stayed home and purchased the show from Direct tv and watched it in my own house. There was grumbling in the audience as we watched this happen. I know that as a faithful listener to this particular show I felt like I was cheated.
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very disappointed

By downas
Written February 11, 2010
love the radio show hated the movie. enjoyed the opening with garrison walking about town. the movie dragged, too much gospel type singing and not enough of garrison and skits.
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By jpaccia
Written February 11, 2010
This was an excellent show, I have listened to Prairie Home companion for years on the radio. It was exciting to see how the show was produced and the behind the scenes footage. To put a face to the voices and watch the talent doing their piece was very rewarding. We liked it so much we sent my father-in-law and aunt and uncle to the encore presentation. Bravo!
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A Prairie Home Companion Encore Review

By motormax
Written February 11, 2010
To much Gospel singing! not enough skits as usually done on the radio. Intro was good. Price too high there were only 20 to 30 people in the theater, this might suggest that the price was too high most of the people in the audience were a bit older 45-70. I would like to see ten dollars back in my wallet.
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