• Released
  • October 25, 2010
  • PG-13 , 2 hr 15 min
  • Concert/Special Events
    Music/Performing Arts

long time Garrison Keillor fan!

By nancilynne
Written February 07, 2010
It was so interesting to see how the radio show was produced. My family and I are long time Garrison Keillor fans and my sons 15 and 12 enjoyed the show. We thought there was more singing and less of the stories than usual but the boys loved seeing how the sound effects were produced. If you don't think you will make it to St. Paul to see the live show this is worth it!
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A Prairie Home Companion Encore in HD

By smile123
Written February 11, 2010
I'm thinking only PHC fans attended this showing unless a significant other dragged a partner to it. As a long time PHC fan, I loved this movie. Getting a chance to see what actually goes on during a performance and seeing what the performers look like, was a real treat. Seeing Garrison's calm, easy going, stream of consciousness style was an amazement. It's as if he's talking to you over the kitchen table. The tightness of the production was really something to see. One song or activity just flowed in to the next like a day's activities. There must be a lot of planning and rehearsing that goes in to this weekly production to make it so smooth and free flowing. Also the technical quality of the production was excellent. The close up shots of the performers and their moves up and down the piano keyboard or guitar fretts really brought out their talents. I would probably come to see upcoming PHC movies if more are made.
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Five Word Review

By don_lynn
Written February 11, 2010
must sing along with it
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Very Well Done!

By Barkerjwt9
Written February 11, 2010
Weekly shows sometimes are quite 'uneven', particularly in the singing area. This show was clearly well rehearsed, presented very well, great acts, with good writing (Music/text),audio superb, with excellent camera work. I got the feeling GK was doing a 'final representation' for his daughter (and us) that "This is what I did while I was here". Anyone could look back at this episode and say, "That was a lot of entertainment, really well done"! JB
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a prairie home companion encore

By zazzyt
Written February 12, 2010
i like garrison keillor period. either on the radio or on stage. this was very good. not only did i get to see him a little bit of the home front as well. the characters in the stories on stage were good as well. please let me know when the next performance will be. thank you.
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