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Two lawmen (Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen) contend with a malevolent rancher.
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APPALOOSA should rope in westem-film fans. GRADE: SOLID B

New Line Cinema's APPALOOSA is a 114-minutes movie-adaptation of Robert B. Parker's 2005 novel - directed/produced/starred/co-screenwritten by Ed Harris. Major themes explored were friendship,...

Appaloosa-Authenic, a Real Western

By Jasnyder56
If you are a western movie fan, then you are always ready for a NEW movie. This movie is directed and filmed very well. Not being a Hollywood action packed stereo type is to it's credit. This movie...

The Wild West, with a lot of humor and a touch of irony

By jebarlow
My wife and I loved Appaloosa. It was a good Wild West saga, but different than the usual story line in that neither the good guys or the bad guys seemed to take themselves seriously. There was a lot...

A great western for grownups that care about authenticity!

By nicksinclair
Made from the book by Robert B. Parker, creator of Spencer for Hire, you know in advance you're getting a good story underlying the script. As a critical viewer of Westerns I cannot find any fault...

good classic western

By mshin
This isn't your modernized version of a western like 3:10 to Yuma, nor the pretentious kind like assasination of Jesse James nor is it a story that deals with unusual sensitive topics like Brokeback...


By sunnyfin1
Reviews have been sketchy for this flick, but I found it very entertaining as a western buff with accurate costuming, sets, the prevailing wind through the plains town, and the hesitating...


By want_fries with that
I went there to see a Westeren and saw a love story and a not very good one at that. Should have waited till it came out on DVD.....


By Lcochran13
Good Western movie but not quite enough conflict or tension generated between the primary characters to make it a great western movie. Not in the class of Unforgiven. Ed Harris is solid as the lead....


loved it...

Good Old Western

By sciwriterdave
It's great to be able to see a good western these days. This is a movie that is ultimately about friendship and the sacrifices one makes for ones friends as well as finding one's place in this...

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Rated R | For some violence and language
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Common Sense Media says Old-fashioned Western features great performances.
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