A Powerful Noise LIVE Synopsis
Three women from around the world battle
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A Powerful Noise

By seeking_light_inthe_dark
This is an amazing glimpse of how generosity impacts life for the better. The movie takes you to areas of extreme poverty and suffering where communities are sustained by ordinary women willing to...

The Power of Noise

By wkrowne
This was an excellent documentary that shared both statistically and anecdotally the impact that one person can have in making a difference in people's lives and how cultures are uplifted along with...

A Powerful Noice

By sewingteacher
A very encouraging documentary which informed us of positive things happening in different parts of the world because of the impact of women. Be prepared to read subtitles throughout the film. ...

Loved it

By fmv001
The movie "A Powerful Noise" was very touching and thought provoking. My girlfriend and I wished we had taken our daughters to see how women make a difference in this world. Keep up the good...

A Powerful Noise LIVE

By langlaise
I was really looking forward to seeing this... and then they cancelled! Thumbs up to Century who not only provided tickets to see something else that night (The Reader - a very moving film) and...


By dotspies
It was excellent. I wish our women's unt at curch had known about it and could hae attended. The film was fabulous and so informatie concerning what one woman can do to make a difference. And the...

a powerful noise

By sundaymatinees
good film - inspiring. interesting how each of the three stories faded in and out of each other. frustrating that we all can't do more, but if we all try to improve just one person's ...

FANTASTIC story of redemption

By beingjen
This film beautifully depicts redemption and transformation in the lives of 3 women around the world who took what was much worse than lemons and made much more than lemonade! Their examples of how...

THe Amazing Power of Women... and men

By Minnarie
This film really brought home what a difference individuals can make in a larger community. It made me want my voice to be heard a little more, and it made me want to help other women's voices to be...

A Powerful Noise

By dkrrenn
What a moving and "powerful" movie. It certainly met my expectations and am thrilled to have seen it. I wish local representatives from various organizations could have been present to begin...

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