Apocalypse Now Synopsis
An Army agent (Martin Sheen) goes upriver in Cambodia to kill a renegade (Marlon Brando).
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If you don't see this movie Brando will hunt you down and cut off your head...

By BrianG_80
In all seriousness, this movie is a true piece of cinematic perfection. The rising tension present in this movie balances perfectly with the way the characters unravel before our eyes. Brando,...


By crgoldie68
this masterpiece is better than platoon and born on the forth of july put together. i do wish they said **** and ^^^^ a little more...

The Horror

By samantita23
A classic. Best seen in 70mm....

Milius Masterpiece...

By Bluesnaggletooth
Coppola directed, but this is a Milius movie. Felt like I was seeing it for the first time last night with the sound and picture restored. Outstanding in every way. Thank you, Aero staff and American...

Apocalypse Now theatrical cut

By haleohill
This is a classic. Not for the week of heart, but amazing production values. Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" set in Vietnam during the war. Had to take my son, as this film should be viewed for the...

Horrible Movie

By cmarrazz
I haven't seen a movie that is slower or more boring in my whole life. 2 1/2 hours and nothing happens... Horrible....

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Rated R
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Disturbing tale of war horrors isn't for kids.
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