A Plumm Summer

By tickynuck
Written April 28, 2008
Fabulous family movie! We laughed, we cried our hearts were warmed. We need more films like this, enough of the cartoons!
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A Plumm Summer

By fuguys2
Written April 28, 2008
Fabulous! The story is fun, exciting, interesting. The acting was excellent. The cinematography and scenery were fantastic! Loved it! Great family movie.
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A Plumm Summer

By RhondaRichl
Written April 29, 2008
The Montana of my childhood is in this movie! Touching story with beautiful scenery. My kids were on the edge of their seats! We're tired of the computer animated adult movies disguised as kids entertainment. Take your kids to see this one!
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Plumm Summer

By ndgatbil
Written May 01, 2008
We enjoyed this movie. It brought tears, laughter and sheer entertainment. It was light hearted and at the same time thought provoking. I believe all ages will enjoy. Even though I'm biased as to the story line setting about a time my kids were growing up here in Billings I firmly believe any one with no connections with Billings will enjoy the movie. D.
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By duggers1
Written April 26, 2008
Truly a great movie, one that I can send the rest of my family to without being nervous that they might cringe at some of the content when their kids watch it. Who is this Owen Pearce (Rocky) ?....Has he done other things? Anyway...he carried the movie.
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