SUN Deserves its Place With the Classics

By lugubriousthespian
Written June 06, 2009
George Stevens highly acclaimed 1951 filming of An American Tragedy today I think is best viewed as high art soap opera melodrama. A PLACE IN THE SUN does indeed contain 3 remarkable performances by the leads: the brooding Montgomery Clift as the disenchanted young man trying to get ahead in the business world, Shelly Winters in a touching role as the neurotic and doomed Alice and the ravishing Elizabeth Taylor in a role that first clued everyone that she truly had acting chops! The movie itself has some beautiful and lyrical passages of filming along with some very dated ones, so it comes off as a bit of a curiosity more than anything else, but the ending is unyieldingly downbeat - just the way it was intended in the original story. A must for classics buffs everywhere!
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