A Perfect Getaway Synopsis
Honeymooning hikers (Milla Jovovich, Steve Zahn) find trouble in paradise.
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A PERFECT GETAWAY - Go See It! Rating:83 out of 100. (Based on advance VIP press preview)

This thrilling 98-minute movie started off slow but then increased its pace rapidly and very quickly sucked me in and held me raptly as I absorbed the myriad of red herrings thrown my way by skillful...

Finally, good writing + action

By coarr
I hadn't read any reviews when I got dragged to this thing, which sounded like just another lame slasher movie. Somehow I've gotten used to really crappy commodity films. This is not one of them. ...

Five Word Review

By redyeah
Twist makes it rentable movie...

“A PERFECT GETAWAY” – When you’re honeymooning, best to Avoid the ‘RED SNAPPERS’ = Rating: 8 of 10 stars (based upon an advance screening).

By jimchudnow
Hawaii’s a great place to honeymoon— if you’re around the “RIGHT people”. As the film begins, Screenwriter Cliff (STEVE ZAHN) is in the islands with his girl Cydney (MILLIE JOVAVICH). But, it seems...

A Perfect Getaway wasn't a perfect movie

By thesilentcat4
A Perfect Getaway was so stereotypical in its character choosing. You had the newly-wed "innocent" people, the very nasty killer looking people, and the sorta crazy-yet sorta cool and protective...

A Perfect Getaway

By mrangelmsd
That's what I call SUSPENSE!!! It had me at the edge of my seat from the middle of the movie on. Just one thing for sure...I'll never go at nighttime to see this type of movie!!!! If you like...

Kept You Interested...but,

By dbarbiebiz
The whole movie was about trying to guess which couple were the murderers. The flashbacks made it hard to follow and the reason for the murders were a bit lame in my opinion! It was still worth...


By isugreen
I am so glad that I went to see this movie. After reading the reviews, I nearly didn't. I found it quite enjoyable given the scenery, plot twists, and suspense....

Loved It!

By PhiMu09
I thought this movie was great. It's not a sick, gory film. It was suspenseful and character driven. I would recommend it to anyone who misses a good scary movie that doesn't make you wish you...

Loved It!!

By movie_fanatic10
I love movies that trick you! In most movies that I've watched, everything gets pretty predictable nowadays. But this one doesn't do any of that. At first when you see the trailer and get a sense of...

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Rated R | For graphic violence, language and some drug use.
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Common Sense Media says Paradise-set thriller is stylish, slick, and very violent.
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