Great for fans of Anvil and fans of great stories, period

By alos72
Written April 19, 2009
Very entertaining and inspiring film...see it!
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Anvil "The Story of ANVIL!"

By Stratoblaster2
Written April 19, 2009
Great movie, this documentary made us laugh , cry and high five. Sasha Gervasi (director) loved this band in 1983 when he was a teen, and still does. The setting is of a humblng one, my wife (not a real METAL Fan) fell in love with comradery between LIps and Rob, and I loved learning the history of one of metals all time greats "ANVIL"... They are a" thirty year, overnight sensation", as qouted by Lipps on VH1 Classic,"That Metal Show". Look,,,! I don't need to sell you this movie,It speaks for it'self. PS> Bring your kids, to past the musical torch we brought our three nephews.. Mo, the kids and I give this movie: ~ 3 "Thumb Hangs"~ LOL!
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I don't even like metal, but the Canucks rock!

By the_notorious_b
Written June 01, 2009
Sweetly captivating, this documentary was funny at times and touching at others. From the moment the lights went down, I was transported into their world. Robb and Lips are just your average middle-aged rockers, ever teetering on the verge of fame, but not quite making it over. If you can at all see one of the live shows, do it!! It was so much fun, and the guys were awesome! It made the movie even better!
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Best Rock Doc EVER!

Written August 04, 2009
Just go see it, no matter who you are or what kind of movies you like...this Rocks! The most heartwarming, real story of dedications and true friendship every made. You will not leave the theater until the lights come up - and you will cheer for them forever!
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Absolutely inspirational

By schuneynyc
Written April 21, 2009
Whether you're a fan of heavy metal music or not, the story of Lips and Robb and their dedication to each other and to their music is bound to move you. The film skillfully balances the tenacity, frustration, and dedication of the band as well as those who surround them. It's a beautiful film, in the way it's shot, in the message in sends, and in the genuineness of Lips and Robb.
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