Spinal Tap meets Some Kind Of Monster

By suprovalco
Written May 13, 2009
This is the greatest music documentary since Louie Bluie. Top notch. MUST SEE!!!!!!!
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Anvil truely rocks

By Hev0r
Written June 01, 2009
I went to see this thinking it would be slightly Spinal Tap, but it was not at all. It is a pretty sad story, but in the end the band seems to be doing well. I wish them the very best and enjoyed meeting them and having a chat! I have my autographed T-shirt, which I wear with pride.
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Funny, endearing and poignant

By MikeRubio
Written May 05, 2009
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Anvil is the singularly best documentary I have seen in years!

By asispoidis
Written May 04, 2009
If you're going to only see one movie this year, see this movie, it is truly extraordinary. It is full of genuine human experience that rings so true it transcends a movie going experience and elevates you to a place where you feel you are there with the band going through the same experiences and feeling the same sense of joy, frustration, and love of that they feel. You have to go see this movie.
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Anvil: Real Entertainment, Real Inspiration

By Treez
Written May 03, 2009
So much about this movie hits home showing that if you stick to your passion good things can happen. No matter if you like Heavy Metal or not the movie isn't about the music as much as its about the relationships, the challenges and about the in-justice life deals out sometimes. I thank the band for sticking it out all these years and for keeping to what matters to them. They really are an inspiration to us all. Go Oscars!
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