Great movie

By Movieman-hattan
Written May 04, 2009
This is a really great film. People should not fear that it's a documentary for it is every bit as entertaining as a narrative film even more so because the story and characters are real. I laughed so hard at some of the things that happened on this band's journey. There are some heartbreaking moments and some really philosophical questions posed in this really wonderful movie.
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Anvil Rocks!

By drdeath
Written April 13, 2009
Anvil: the story of Anvil is an excellent movie that can inspire anyone who watches it. The movie shows what real committment is all about and how hard it can be to reach your dreams. Most importantly the movie tells us that people should never give up on there dream.
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Like a real-life Spinal Tap only in real life!

By reder
Written May 04, 2009
Any self-respecting fan of Spinal Tap MUST SEE Anvil: The Story of Anvil!!! In the immortal words of Nigel Tufnel, David St. Hubbins and Derek Smalls, "[Anvil] will make your ears bleed and your brain cry out for mercy... And, it makes a swell gift, too, don'it?" This movie in so many ways directly mirrors the story of Spinal Tap, from a drummer named Robb Reiner to a last-chance album that hits the charts in -- of all places -- Japan. Except this is a true story, which makes it even sadder, funnier and more triumphant. Like a real-life Spinal Tap, only in real life!!!
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Spinal Tap meets Some Kind Of Monster

By suprovalco
Written May 13, 2009
This is the greatest music documentary since Louie Bluie. Top notch. MUST SEE!!!!!!!
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Anvil! The Story of Anvil!

By GailPink
Written June 05, 2009
Recommended for any fan of music (metal or other) or anybody who enjoys a good documentary with an "underdog story” kind of theme. Alternately hilarious and heartbreaking, The Story of Anvil is one of the most entertaining and satisfying movie-going experiences you are likely to find this year.
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