Horrible Movie

By shoovler
Written October 16, 2009
Absolutley one of the worst movies ever. To me the name should have been Willem does his girlfriend. Just about all the movie was about was , sex , confusing scene , sex , confusing scene , and more sex. Actually like a low budget porn it shows very , very, STRONG SEX SCENES, actually ive seen porn movies with less graphic scenes. How they come up with this as a title i will never know , other than you would almost have to be an Anti-Christ to see it. I cant believe such an actor as Willem Dafoe would even contemplate portraying a role in this film. I would not waste money on this movie , if i had known.
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A thoroughly dissatisfying, undisciplined and gratuitously self-indulgent mess.

By jk_fandango
Written November 13, 2009
If you've seen this movie you will know what I mean when I say, there is no way of making sense of it. While the acting is good, and the cinematography is very well done I cannot but give it a poor rating. The "shocking" nature of it is well done, raw and impactful--but utterly pointless, so it comes across as as a purely masturbatory exercise on the part of the filmmaker which leaves one feeling icky and gratuitously violated. I want to make it clear that it's not the graphic nature of the film itself that I have any objection to. What actually _happened_ in the movie is never revealed--an unforgivable offense for this reviewer. Technically well executed, but poorly contrived. A maddeningly irritating waste of time--in this regard, a "study in insanity" is an apt description. If films are about taking the viewer on a journey, this one is like realizing you've got into the cab of a lunatic and you just hope you can get out somewhere close to where you need to be unscathed.
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Von Trier In Top Form

By PortlandCoffee1
Written November 08, 2009
Again, Lars Von Trier gives his audiences a strong visual with deep meaning. Antichrist main focus is on emotional instability and mental illness. Trier has deep fears of mental illness and of women and the brutality that they can inflict if they wanted. The pains of sex and the effects of sex as a selfish act or as an act of healing are brilliantly layered here. Also, the fear of sexual vulnerability and men being too vulnerable to sexual harm. Phobias and narcissism are all part of this amazing portrait of darkness. Great film even if it is a little pretentious and preachy. The performances are strong and well crafted. Lars Von Trier loves to create controversy and this one will do that. He has also created a strong portrait of fear and of the darkness that is anxiety, depression and schizophrenia.
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Five Word Review

By SpacemanJackson
Written October 21, 2009
Beautiful Grotesque Puzzling Brilliant Provocative
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Low-Grade Porn with Sub-par writing passed off as "art"...

By violentjkd
Written October 21, 2009
I find it difficult to believe that this film classifies as "horror" for any other reason than it's "horrible" to watch. Clearly I'm just a mouth-breather who doesn't understand "art" when I see it. 15 minutes into this movie I couldn't wait for it to be over. What a waste of a talent like Dafoe! The graphic sexual nature of the film is the only truly shocking thing about it. That and the fact that no one can see that the (minimal amount of) gore was hijacked from "Cutting Moments". This is another, "If you can't appreciate this movie then you just don't understand it.", type. I am so sick of these supposed open-to-interpretation movies it makes my head spin. I have 2 friends who have also seen this and not one of us came up with the same meaning of the story, ending or pretty much any other happening in the thing. Unless you consider "horror" making yourself miserably bored for 1:40+ then avoid this film at any cost.
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