Anthony O'Donnell

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 Ralph Fiennes Skyfall
2012 Albert Finney Skyfall
2012 Judi Dench Skyfall
2012 Javier Bardem Skyfall
2012 Daniel Craig Skyfall
2008 Michael Gambon The Baker
2007 Guy Pearce Death Defying Acts
2007 Timothy Spall Death Defying Acts
2007 Catherine Zeta-Jones Death Defying Acts
2005 Margaret Tyzack Match Point
2005 Brian Cox Match Point
2005 Jonathan Rhys-Meyers Match Point
2005 Scarlett Johansson Match Point
2005 Emily Mortimer Match Point
2004 Olivia Williams Agatha Christie: A Life in Pictures
2004 Anna Massey Agatha Christie: A Life in Pictures
2004 Jim Broadbent Vera Drake
2000 Kenneth Branagh Love's Labour's Lost
2000 Nathan Lane Love's Labour's Lost
2000 Richard Briers Love's Labour's Lost
2000 Timothy Spall Love's Labour's Lost
2000 Natascha McElhone Love's Labour's Lost
2000 Emily Mortimer Love's Labour's Lost
2000 Alicia Silverstone Love's Labour's Lost
1996 Katrin Cartlidge Breaking the Waves
1996 Stellan Skarsgård Breaking the Waves
1996 Emily Watson Breaking the Waves
1996 Udo Kier Breaking the Waves
1996 Timothy Spall Secrets and Lies
1996 Brenda Blethyn Secrets and Lies
1996 Marianne Jean-Baptiste Secrets and Lies
1996 Alison Steadman Secrets and Lies
1991 Edward Fox Robin Hood
1991 Jeroen Krabbé Robin Hood
1991 Jürgen Prochnow Robin Hood
1991 Uma Thurman Robin Hood
1989 Timothy Dalton Hawks
1989 Janet McTeer Hawks
1989 Jill Bennett Hawks
1989 Anthony Edwards Hawks
1986 Julie Walters Car Trouble
1985 John Lithgow Santa Claus: The Movie
1985 Dudley Moore Santa Claus: The Movie
1985 Burgess Meredith Santa Claus: The Movie
1976 Alison Steadman Nuts in May
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