Anthony Giaimo

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 Christopher McDonald Not Fade Away
2012 Brad Garrett Not Fade Away
2012 James Gandolfini Not Fade Away
2003 Peter Stormare Bad Boys II
2003 Michael Bay Bad Boys II
2003 Will Smith Bad Boys II
2003 Joe Pantoliano Bad Boys II
2003 Martin Lawrence Bad Boys II
2002 Ice Cube All About the Benjamins
2002 Anthony Michael Hall All About the Benjamins
2002 Eva Mendes All About the Benjamins
1996 Robin Williams The Birdcage
1996 Christine Baranski The Birdcage
1996 Calista Flockhart The Birdcage
1996 Dianne Wiest The Birdcage
1996 Hank Azaria The Birdcage
1996 Gene Hackman The Birdcage
1996 Nathan Lane The Birdcage
1996 Frances Fisher Striptease
1996 Ving Rhames Striptease
1996 Armand Assante Striptease
1996 Demi Moore Striptease
1996 Burt Reynolds Striptease
1995 Steven Berkoff Fair Game
1995 William Baldwin Fair Game
1995 Christopher McDonald Fair Game
1995 Salma Hayek Fair Game
1992 Richard Roundtree Deadly Rivals
1992 Joseph Bologna Deadly Rivals
1991 Dan Aykroyd My Girl
1991 Griffin Dunne My Girl
1991 Jamie Lee Curtis My Girl
1991 Richard Masur My Girl
1991 Macaulay Culkin My Girl
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