Anthony Bishop

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Hugh Jackman Chappie
2015 Sigourney Weaver Chappie
2011 Kathy Baker Machine Gun Preacher
2006 Tim Robbins Catch a Fire
1997 Ice Cube Dangerous Ground
1997 Elizabeth Hurley Dangerous Ground
1997 Ving Rhames Dangerous Ground
1990 Stanley Tucci Quick Change
1990 Kurtwood Smith Quick Change
1990 Randy Quaid Quick Change
1990 Bill Murray Quick Change
1990 Phil Hartman Quick Change
1990 Jamey Sheridan Quick Change
1990 Geena Davis Quick Change
1990 Jason Robards, Jr. Quick Change
1990 Philip Bosco Quick Change
1990 Tony Shalhoub Quick Change
1990 Michael Chapman Quick Change
1988 Dane Clark Last Rites
1988 Paul Dooley Last Rites
1988 Tom Berenger Last Rites
1988 Chick Vennera Last Rites
1988 Ernest Borgnine Spike of Bensonhurst
1988 Sylvia Miles Spike of Bensonhurst
1987 Steve Buscemi Heart
1987 Brad Davis Heart
1987 Frances Fisher Heart
1987 John Rubinstein Someone to Watch over Me
1987 Mimi Rogers Someone to Watch over Me
1987 Jerry Orbach Someone to Watch over Me
1987 Tom Berenger Someone to Watch over Me
1987 Lorraine Bracco Someone to Watch over Me
1986 Ron Silver Eat and Run
1986 Terry Kinney Seven Minutes in Heaven
1986 Jennifer Connelly Seven Minutes in Heaven
1986 Spalding Gray Seven Minutes in Heaven
1985 Mario Van Peebles Rappin'
1985 Ice-T Rappin'
1984 James Garner Heartsounds
1984 Wendy Crewson Heartsounds
1984 Mary Tyler Moore Heartsounds
1984 Sam Wanamaker Heartsounds
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